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Wrap Dress: Simplicity 9224

Hello Everyone! My life has been interfering with my sewing lately. I kind of forgot I had a blog, today I’m making time to write a quick review. My latest make Simplicity 9224 by Mimi G Style. Wrap dresses are my absolute favorite and this one is just lovely. I used this polyester crepe fabric I bought in L.A a couple of years ago. This fabric is perfect for this dress is light and breezy. This baby is going to be worn often this summer, I can easily dress this up or down.

This dress was easy to sew, it has an elastic waistband and an asymmetric hem. The wide hemline with mitered corners is so neat. The pattern instructions are very clear and easy to follow, great for beginners. I cut a size 10 for the top and and a size 12 for the skirt portion. Next time I’ll size up for the bottom portion because my waist needed a little more room. I keep forgetting, or maybe I’m on denial, that I have gained about an inch around my waist. So in order to make my waistband look good I added a couple of snap fasteners on the inside. Also I tacked down the elastic on the sides to make stay in place. Listen life is hard so eat an extra donut, it’ll be Ok. 😆

Even though I took several pictures they were not that great, I’ll share them later on Instagram. In the meantime I’ll show you how the inside looks. Last month I made another awesome dress so I’ll be back soon. 😉

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Valentine’s Day Satin and Lace Cami & Shorts Set.

I finally got my sewjo back, it’s really hard to sew when you don’t have anywhere to go. Watching sewists on Instagram sharing their Valentine’s Day projects gave me a little inspiration. I made this cute pajama set using a hot pink satin I got long ago, can’t even remember where I bought it. Let me tell you this fabric feels amazing! Funny story I was trying on the shorts and I asked the hubby how I looked, he responded those look like pajamas. Well I usually wear just an old tee and my undies to bed so he was surprised 😆

For the camisole I slightly modified The Ogden Cami by True Bias. I cut a size 6, I substituted the lining with bias tape. I thought that will make them comfortable to sleep on, since I don’t like clothes touching my skin while I try to sleep. The tape was long enough to make the straps all in one piece. Then added bra sliders because that makes it so much easier. I also added this cute lace I got super cheap at my local fabric store. The shorts are self drafted and came together real quick. Every beginner sewist has made a pair of elastic waist pajamas so this are made the same way just short. If you know, you know.

Then the moment of truth, how do I take cute sexy pictures when I’m a dork? If you’re anything like me this might come handy one day, let me share some tips with you:

First find a well lighted corner and clean it up. Those spider webs on the corner aren’t sexy darling. Then start posing!

Second: watch an episode of Wanda Vision and make sure they’re are comfy.

Third: Look out the window and wonder if your across the street neighbors can see your shenanigans. Give zero F**ks.

Last but not least: lay down looking magnificent AF and smile at the camera because one day you’ll love to see how cute and young you were. Then proceed to take a nap. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Whatever that is for you and don’t forget to love yourself! 💕

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New Look 6035

Hello Everyone! I made this cute jacket a couple of weeks ago using New Look 6035. Somehow I thought I had made a post about it but didn’t. Better late than never I guess. Last month I lost my all my sewing motivation and when it came back I had the need for a blazer. That makes no sense but the heart wants what it wants. The fabric is a type of crepe from Joann’s and it’s kind of stiff. All the crepe types I’ve used in the past were softer and had drape. I ordered this fabric online and picked it up at the store and I didn’t look at it until I was home. I thought it would softened in the wash, it didn’t, not sure where I got that idea from. Love how it turned out and I’m definitely going to wear the heck out of it.

I added welt pockets not only because I liked them but also I can pass an opportunity to practice them. This jacket is really perfect to practice some basic tailoring skills. This doesn’t come with a lining so there’s no need to fuss over one, I did add a lining though. Well I did it because I was too lazy to bind the seams. I cut a size 8 and the sleeves were very narrow, I didn’t lined those. This jacket would look great in a linen with pretty bias tape on the seams. Next time I would use a linen and bind the seams, I would also make my sleeves wider.

I just bind the armholes, still looked good.

Overall this is a cute and simple light jacket that looks great with jeans. This will also look great over a sundress. So many possibilities.

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Cami & Pant Set Simplicity 9114 by Mimi G Style.

Hello everyone I’m back! I’m usually eager for Fall to arrive but not this year, 2020 owes me a whole Summer..LOL Feels like we skipped a Season or two. I’m going to start transitioning my Summer sewing to Fall slowly, starting with this Cami and Pant set Simplicity 9114. Inspired by Mimi G herself and Brittany J Jones, two of my favorite sewing bloggers in that order. Check These babies out…

Love the high waist pants and the spaghetti straps on the top. I cut a size 10 for the pants and a size 8 for the top. I will make a size 12 for the pants next time, I forgot about my Covid weight and I could use more room. I added one inch to the length of the top, I’m not comfortable showing my belly because of an ugly scar. Looking at the photos I noticed that the pants covered that, so next time I’ll use the pattern as is. For the pants I decreased the length by three inches. I also shortened the front crotch by one inch and added that to the back. These are my usual modifications for any Mimi G pants pattern.

This is not the actual pattern it is just a quick drawing to show my modifications to the crotch.
Check out my cute button…

Let me tell you a little about the insides of the trousers. I finish the pockets with French seams, I love how they look even though only I can see them. I finish the the waistband and the hems by hand. I could have used bias tape but I’m just too lazy for that. I used a Rayon Crepe fabric I had in my stash left over from a jumpsuit I did last year. Back when I was buying too much of the same fabric.

That’s it! Thanks for reading, I’ll be back real soon!

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DIY Black Lace Corset Dress.

Hello everyone, I’m finally sharing my corset dress which I started early May. I soon realized I needed materials and at the time most stores were closed. I was determined to keep myself occupied so I decided I was going to make it with whatever I had in my stash. That was really the most challenging part. I had to take many shortcuts but the end result was still great.

The foam I used for the cups came from an Etsy shop called The Bra Makery. I have actually ordered some bra supplies sometime before because I want to make a backless strapless bra. I used Simplicity 1183 pattern for the bodice. The only modification I did was to shortened the pattern on the waist line. For the lining I used a poly cotton , which was really my muslin, again trying to use what I had available. I also used a jersey knit for the bodice interlining and the skirt lining, honestly this was perfectly acceptable.

I sewed the boning on the outside because I liked how it looked. My only regret is not making new channels for the boning using satin fabric that I actually have. My original idea was to make it strapless but I needed a bit of extra support (cough lift cough) so I added straps last minute. Really not the best way to add straps but they served their purpose and I’m ok with that. Not bad for an afterthought, I’ve told you shortcuts were taken..🤣

The bottom is just a gathered skirt, there are plenty of tutorials in YouTube if you need them, it is just a rectangle. I used my waist measurement plus one, for seam allowance, times two. So basically W + 1 x 2. I love how it came out but sadly I haven’t been able to were it anywhere fun. Damn you Covid!

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Sew It & Mix It.

Today I want to share my latest creations, New Look 6055 & Simplicity 8925. Both of these pieces are very basic but have endless matching possibilities. I really needed to make shorts since only a few fit me this year. There’s no way I can blame this on Covid 19, honestly it’s been happening for a while I was on denial. Most of my adult life I have struggled with weight gain so I’m not about to complain now. I see this as an opportunity to create a whole new wardrobe.

The pictures I took inside didn’t show the actual color of the fabric so I had to wait until my photographer (son) was available. Both of these pieces were easy to sew , perfect for beginners. I initially wanted the longer version of the shorts but I quickly realized they were very unflattering so I chopped up the length about 3 inches. I cut a size 14 for my now 30″ waist. The kimono wrap style top pattern is intended for knit fabric so I had to sized up. I cut a medium for the waist down and XS for the upper portion. I also shortened the sleeves 3 inches. Now time to Mix & Match…

  • Orange Linen Fabric: Michael Levine Fabrics.
  • Cropped Flare Jeans:
  • Cami top: Walmart.
  • Orange heels: Goodwill.
  • Animal print sneakers: Walmart.


McCalls 7878 – Jacket Review.

I have been trying to write a blog post for the longest but my old laptop just didn’t want to cooperate. My only alternative was my desktop computer, I was avoiding it because my desk chair is so uncomfortable. The chair is adorable but I seriously need a better one. Anyways my new cardigan, or jacket according to the pattern envelope, was created in two days. I ordered the fabric from by the end of February but I’m a hardcore procrastinator and just wasn’t feeling it. #shameless


I was going to make view B but I decided on view A because I wanted a little fabric for a top I have in mind. I hand sew the hem with a blind stitch that probably took longer than  sewing the whole garment. I probably over-pressed the hem but that’s an easy fix. I also used a brooch for the side because I couldn’t find any snaps. Lets just say organization is not my thing..😆



I cut a size XS but next time I will cut a small. I will also use fabric with less stretch, only because I think the facing will look better. My favorite thing about it is obviously the pockets. Overall this is an easy to sew pattern and I will definitely sew it again!


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Ginger Jeans By Closet Case Patterns.

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s outfit consist of jeans and a T shirt as usual. I’m wearing the Ginger Jeans by Closet Case patterns, I made these for a collaboration with Sewn Magazine last year. I just wanted to share a quick review along with a couple of tips and of course some pictures. Even though I don’t like sewing jeans I’m always amazed by the fact that I can make them.

Closet Case Ginger Jeans.

Jean Type: Skinny.

Fabric used: medium weight 70% cotton 25% polyester 5% spandex from Joann’s Fabrics.

Fit modifications: I made view B, high rise & skinny leg. I shortened the length on the back by the pockets. Something I never done before. The pattern comes with a line that makes this adjustment easy. 

Sewing tips for this pattern: I highly recommend a making a muslin, it’s important that you use the same type of fabric you’ll be using for the final piece. I used denim with very little stretch and I end up with a lot of extra fabric on the back area. It was an easy fix but unnecessary.

Is there anything you would do differently if you used this pattern again? I would shorten the legs another inch. I’m 5’4″ tall to give an idea.

Would you recommend this pattern? Yes! I must mention that this pattern comes with a tutorial but I didn’t have access to it.

Quick Tips:

  1. Pre wash your denim, you don’t want your jeans shrinking after all the hard work you put into making them.
  2. Make a muslin! Trust me it will save you a lot of time if you don’t have to undo topstitching due to poor fit.
  3. Use a heavy duty or Jeans needle.
  4. Topstitch using a longer stitch and use regular thread for the bobbin. Don’t backstitch secure your thread on the wrong side of the garment.
  5. Keep your seam reaper close and don’t be afraid to use it. Take as many breaks as you need and don’t stress about it.
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Wide Leg Cuff Pants – Simplicity 8177

This is my first make and also my first post for 2020. This year I want to focus more on making things that can be used everyday. I’ve probably mention this before but since 2019 left me a few extra pounds this is a must. I’m starting the year with one of my favorite things to sew, wide leg pants. I chose Mimi G Simplicity 8177 view C, this pattern has been on my list since it was released back in 2016.

First lets addressed my laziness: I read the instruction before I started sewing and I just winged it. Then when I was looking at the zipper fly I realized I needed to sew a hook and eye to the upper edge of the underlap and yoke. This is why my zipper pulls away and it makes it looks crooked when wearing. I will definitely add the hooks later. I made the pleats on the front according to how I understood the instructions, that’s not how Mimi G made them I like hers better. I originally wanted wider cuffs so I can wear flats but it just didn’t stayed in place. This I had to fix right away because I couldn’t stand it.

I was going for a monochromatic look and I love it. I think I’m going to make the duster and go for the whole pattern envelope look. I have so much fabric left I think this is the smart thing to do. I had about ten yards of this stretch suiting fabric I bought at the loft in Los Angeles. The reason I had so much was because at $3 a pound I couldn’t leave it behind; it drapes beautifully just perfect for this type of pants.

I wish I had more useful information about pants fitting, my body is not very challenging so all I ever use as reference is this Simplicity Fuss Free Fit magazine. This is a great resource if you have problems deciding what size on a commercial pattern to cut. This magazine was recommended by Deborah Kreiling, a former employee of Simplicity, while attending a Mimi G conference in 2015. You can find it online, I bought mine on Amazon for about $8.

The only advised I can give is this: pick an easy pattern, sew it, do all the modifications then take apart and transfer it to paper. Then use this paper pattern to compare it to others. Measure yourself first, don’t be afraid to add fabric to the front if you have a belly. There are no wrong bodies just wrong clothes. Sometimes you need to cut a bigger size for the back or maybe for the front, this is really not uncommon. Last don’t forget EASE! Took me a while to understand this but trust me once you get it it changes everything. That’s all for now I’ll leave you with a picture of my behind because why not!.

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Juanita Jumpsuit – Rosy Peña Patterns.

Hello everyone, I finally have the time to create something for the blog. I recently joined the Minerva Blogger team and was busy working on a couple of projects. I was also working on a small project for Sewn Magazine, more on that very soon. I started working on the Juanita Jumpsuit by Rosy Peña patterns sometime ago, but for reasons I can’t remember now I had to put it aside several times. I love the way it turned out!

This pattern comes with two options a Jumpsuit and Palazzo Pants with a wide waistband. The jumpsuit requires four main pattern pieces which makes cutting and sewing a breeze. I chose a light weight knit I bought at Michael Levine in Los Angeles some time ago. I have so much striped fabric I’m trying to find creative ways to use it. This time I use horizontal stripes for the bodice and vertical for the pants. Maybe not the most creative but I like it.

I cut a size Medium because I wanted this to be extra comfy but next time I’ll cut a small for the bodice. The construction is very easy, it has an elastic waist perfect for the upcoming holidays. I want to make this again in a crepe, another reason why I was testing a larger size, I think it might work. If you know me you’ll know knits are my nemesis and easy projects is definitely what I need if I want to conquer them.

Juanita Jumpsuit – Rosy Peña Patterns.

Pattern Description: jumpsuit featuring a mock wrap bodice, back strap detail, elasticated waist, completed with a tie sash/belt. The palazzo pant offers a tummy control fold-over waistband.

Pattern Sizing: XXS – XXL I cut the Medium.

Difficulty: easy.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I liked it but pockets would have been nice. Really not difficult to add your own.

Fabric Used: Light weight knit from Michael Levine.

Would you recommend it to others? Absolutely!