Mimi G Style 6th Annual Fashion Sewing & Style Conference.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Mimi G Style 6th Annual Fashion Sewing & Style Conference in Los Angeles. I met so many talented ladies and was able to see many whom I’ve already met in past conferences. This was for me the third time attending and I had as much fun as the first time!

Why am I wearing the same shirt I wore before the Fashion Show? 😂

I used this dress on Saturday. I used Mc Calls 7121 for the top and a circle skirt for the bottom. I feel that the skirt on this pattern doesn’t flatter my figure. The only bad thing about it is that a circle skirt requires way more fabric, and I got this scuba knit during last year’s conference at Michael Levine’s.


I also participated in the Fashion Show, where I created two looks using Mimi G patterns as a base, and I did many alterations to them so they don’t look much like the original patterns. For the dress I used Simplicity 1066 and for the pants Simplicity 8060. The fabric for the dress is a crepe, while for the pants I used gabardine suiting and for the top a metallic suede. All of it is from Joann’s.



I was going for a low crotch look..😉

I can’t forget my Pre Fashion Show outfit, self drafted pencil skirt. I absolutely love this skirt which is super easy to make. I’m thinking of making a short “how to” video. Let me see how I feel a week from now once the hype I’m feeling is gone.



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