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Thrifted – Skirt Edition.

Today let’s talk about my second hobby: Thrift shopping! I love looking for vintage items like clothes, furniture, sewing patterns, jewelry, etc. Back when I was a teenager I got into my hometown’s most popular High School at the time, through something like selective enrollment. I felt out of place with all the other girls wearing the latest fashion trends. My parents couldn’t afford to buy any of that, and even though I had perfectly fine clothes I wasn’t happy. I started looking for ways to spruce up my wardrobe.

My mother gave me a bunch of stuff she wasn’t wearing and gave me permission to use her sewing machine. I refashioned the heck out of everything,  at the end of the semester I was known as the girl with the cute outfits. I don’t feel like refashioning anything anymore, now that I know how to sew a garment from scratch. Also I’m always finding cute things that fit me just right. Like these cute skirts I found on my last visit to Goodwill.

1- Bleached Denim Pencil Skirt: $2.99.

This one looks like it has been refashioned already. I can tell by the zig zag stitches inside, I love it even more. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while, thank you to whoever did the work for me. The shirt is quick DIY using heat transfer paper and my inkjet printer. For a sewing alternative for this skirt you can find a free pattern here. DSC_0344DSC_0343DSC_0351DSC_0268

2- Knife Pleated skirt: $2.99.

I like this one for a more formal look. The top is from the NY&Co store and still had the tags attached. My sister gave it to me on my birthday back on April. Sewing tutorial for a pleated skirt here.



3- Button front Pencil Skirt: $6.99.

Yes, I splurge on this one. It’s from Ralph Lauren and still had the tags attached, I had to have it. ( where have I heard that before?) The top was also given to me as a gift, probably from my mom. I like this one as a “Day to Night” look. Sewing alternative for this skirt: McCall’s 7392.DSC_0393DSC_0392DSC_0390DSC_0251

That’s all! I’ll put together a few fall outfits for next time.

Photo Cred: ANGEL.




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