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Wide Leg Pants – Burda 6573

Oh boy another pair of wide leg pants! I absolutely love this Burda 6573 pattern. It has been sitting in my “To do” basket for far too long, since I just couldn’t decide on what fabric to use. I was trying to add some color to my wardrobe but the best I could do was pick the black and grey animal print. These pants are high waisted and have inseam pockets. I cut a size 14 but due to the stretch on my fabric I graded it down to a 12. The pattern recommends using a woven, instead I used a lightweight stretch denim. I still had to take them in by the forward side seams and by the front. The latter making the buttons too close to the front, but I liked the fit so that’s okay with me.


Overall this is a very easy pattern and I would probably make it again but in a woven instead. I would recommend adjustments on the back rather than the front. If you are a beginner and don’t feel confident making adjustments on your fashion fabric a muslin is the way to go.  The only reason I did it on the front seam was because I had installed my zipper already and I was too lazy to redo-it.


I paired them with this bodysuit I made a while ago: Simplicity 8513 view C. I used stretch velvet fabric. This is also a very easy pattern with only four main pieces. The back has a seam which is perfect for swayback adjustments. I was planing to make a crop top but I really need to start working on my Halloween costume so that’s on hold. If I start now even the dog will have one!



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