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Simplicity 8655 – Bell Bottoms.

Deciding what to sew always takes forever for me but once I start ideas keep on coming and is hard to concentrate in only one project. Reason why took me over a week to finish these pair of jeans. I really don’t like sewing jeans because they take a lot of time to make. Maybe it’s just me I have the attention spam of a squirrel. Well I was convinced to make Simplicity 8655 after seeing a couple versions on my Instagram feed. They are so cute and they’re giving me 70’s vibes.

I decided to use a dark blue denim with a little stretch that I had in my stash. I was still cutting the fabric when I realized it was the same I had used for a pair similar to these. So I had the brilliant idea to bleach the fabric, I had been wanting to do this for a while but I was afraid because I’m allergic to bleach. I put the pieces already cut in the laundry tub and I start adding one cup of bleach at a time which made the process longer than needed. I suggest watching a You Tube video first so you don’t have to experiment like I did. The color didn’t come as uniform as I imagined but I actually liked it better.

This is a Mimi G Style pattern and in my experience her pants patterns tend to be high waisted. If is this is something you don’t like I highly recommend making a muslin/mock up first. I didn’t make one because I’m too lazy for that and I love high waist pants. I did a few alterations I grade up the waist, shortened the legs and the front crotch. I also did my usual sway back adjustment. It might sound like a lot but when you already know what your body needs it’s much easier than it sounds. I’m planning on making a pants block pattern, soon that will definitely save me time.

They looked a bit basic to me so I decided to do a small appliqué design with some Cambaya fabric from my stash. That also give me the opportunity to use my embroidery machine. It was surprisingly easy, maybe not perfect but so cute. I love how they turned out I will make these again soon. Overall I highly recommend this pattern!

1. I added a tag so I can secure the facing. The tag looks crooked in the inside but looks good on the outside.

2. I folded half the seam allowance on the pockets to make them slightly bigger.

3. I love two rows of stitches for the hem.

4. Just a close up!


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