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Button Down Shirt-Simplicity 8830

I have been wanting to make a button down shirt for a while. This Simplicity 8830 has clean lines and easy to make. I used a Mickey Mouse print cotton I got at Joann’s. I was following the instructions and when I finished attaching the front pockets I realized they didn’t look like the picture on the envelope. I know Mimi has a sew a long video on You Tube for each of her patterns but I didn’t have time to watch it. Perhaps she explains why she did them in a different way. Anyway since I wanted them to look like the picture I redid them.

I had to put this project away for a bit because it was giving me scrubs feelings but I eventually went back to it. This is a petite pattern which I loved. Simplicity patterns tend to have a lot of ease so I always need to do some adjustments for my short torso. I cut a size 8 based on my bust measurement and adding a few inches so it will look like it’s supposed to. I thought the sleeve were going to be too tight but they turned out to be just right, if you don’t have noodle arms like me add some room. I omitted the side seams pockets, this might sound weird to some people but I didn’t see the need for them in a top.

Overall this is an easy pattern, unless you’re afraid of buttonholes like I was some time ago. I really dislike making them because my sewing machine then was not the greatest. I upgraded my machine over a year ago and now my buttonholes are flawless. I recommend practice on fabric scraps until you get the hang of it.

Happy Sewing ..❤️


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