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Wide Leg Cuff Pants – Simplicity 8177

This is my first make and also my first post for 2020. This year I want to focus more on making things that can be used everyday. I’ve probably mention this before but since 2019 left me a few extra pounds this is a must. I’m starting the year with one of my favorite things to sew, wide leg pants. I chose Mimi G Simplicity 8177 view C, this pattern has been on my list since it was released back in 2016.

First lets addressed my laziness: I read the instruction before I started sewing and I just winged it. Then when I was looking at the zipper fly I realized I needed to sew a hook and eye to the upper edge of the underlap and yoke. This is why my zipper pulls away and it makes it looks crooked when wearing. I will definitely add the hooks later. I made the pleats on the front according to how I understood the instructions, that’s not how Mimi G made them I like hers better. I originally wanted wider cuffs so I can wear flats but it just didn’t stayed in place. This I had to fix right away because I couldn’t stand it.

I was going for a monochromatic look and I love it. I think I’m going to make the duster and go for the whole pattern envelope look. I have so much fabric left I think this is the smart thing to do. I had about ten yards of this stretch suiting fabric I bought at the loft in Los Angeles. The reason I had so much was because at $3 a pound I couldn’t leave it behind; it drapes beautifully just perfect for this type of pants.

I wish I had more useful information about pants fitting, my body is not very challenging so all I ever use as reference is this Simplicity Fuss Free Fit magazine. This is a great resource if you have problems deciding what size on a commercial pattern to cut. This magazine was recommended by Deborah Kreiling, a former employee of Simplicity, while attending a Mimi G conference in 2015. You can find it online, I bought mine on Amazon for about $8.

The only advised I can give is this: pick an easy pattern, sew it, do all the modifications then take apart and transfer it to paper. Then use this paper pattern to compare it to others. Measure yourself first, don’t be afraid to add fabric to the front if you have a belly. There are no wrong bodies just wrong clothes. Sometimes you need to cut a bigger size for the back or maybe for the front, this is really not uncommon. Last don’t forget EASE! Took me a while to understand this but trust me once you get it it changes everything. That’s all for now I’ll leave you with a picture of my behind because why not!.


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