McCalls 7878 – Jacket Review.

I have been trying to write a blog post for the longest but my old laptop just didn’t want to cooperate. My only alternative was my desktop computer, I was avoiding it because my desk chair is so uncomfortable. The chair is adorable but I seriously need a better one. Anyways my new cardigan, or jacket according to the pattern envelope, was created in two days. I ordered the fabric from by the end of February but I’m a hardcore procrastinator and just wasn’t feeling it. #shameless


I was going to make view B but I decided on view A because I wanted a little fabric for a top I have in mind. I hand sew the hem with a blind stitch that probably took longer than  sewing the whole garment. I probably over-pressed the hem but that’s an easy fix. I also used a brooch for the side because I couldn’t find any snaps. Lets just say organization is not my thing..😆



I cut a size XS but next time I will cut a small. I will also use fabric with less stretch, only because I think the facing will look better. My favorite thing about it is obviously the pockets. Overall this is an easy to sew pattern and I will definitely sew it again!



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