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Sew It & Mix It.

Today I want to share my latest creations, New Look 6055 & Simplicity 8925. Both of these pieces are very basic but have endless matching possibilities. I really needed to make shorts since only a few fit me this year. There’s no way I can blame this on Covid 19, honestly it’s been happening for a while I was on denial. Most of my adult life I have struggled with weight gain so I’m not about to complain now. I see this as an opportunity to create a whole new wardrobe.

The pictures I took inside didn’t show the actual color of the fabric so I had to wait until my photographer (son) was available. Both of these pieces were easy to sew , perfect for beginners. I initially wanted the longer version of the shorts but I quickly realized they were very unflattering so I chopped up the length about 3 inches. I cut a size 14 for my now 30″ waist. The kimono wrap style top pattern is intended for knit fabric so I had to sized up. I cut a medium for the waist down and XS for the upper portion. I also shortened the sleeves 3 inches. Now time to Mix & Match…

  • Orange Linen Fabric: Michael Levine Fabrics.
  • Cropped Flare Jeans: Express.com
  • Cami top: Walmart.
  • Orange heels: Goodwill.
  • Animal print sneakers: Walmart.


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