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DIY Black Lace Corset Dress.

Hello everyone, I’m finally sharing my corset dress which I started early May. I soon realized I needed materials and at the time most stores were closed. I was determined to keep myself occupied so I decided I was going to make it with whatever I had in my stash. That was really the most challenging part. I had to take many shortcuts but the end result was still great.

The foam I used for the cups came from an Etsy shop called The Bra Makery. I have actually ordered some bra supplies sometime before because I want to make a backless strapless bra. I used Simplicity 1183 pattern for the bodice. The only modification I did was to shortened the pattern on the waist line. For the lining I used a poly cotton , which was really my muslin, again trying to use what I had available. I also used a jersey knit for the bodice interlining and the skirt lining, honestly this was perfectly acceptable.

I sewed the boning on the outside because I liked how it looked. My only regret is not making new channels for the boning using satin fabric that I actually have. My original idea was to make it strapless but I needed a bit of extra support (cough lift cough) so I added straps last minute. Really not the best way to add straps but they served their purpose and I’m ok with that. Not bad for an afterthought, I’ve told you shortcuts were taken..🤣

The bottom is just a gathered skirt, there are plenty of tutorials in YouTube if you need them, it is just a rectangle. I used my waist measurement plus one, for seam allowance, times two. So basically W + 1 x 2. I love how it came out but sadly I haven’t been able to were it anywhere fun. Damn you Covid!


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