Handmade, Sewing

New Look 6035

Hello Everyone! I made this cute jacket a couple of weeks ago using New Look 6035. Somehow I thought I had made a post about it but didn’t. Better late than never I guess. Last month I lost my all my sewing motivation and when it came back I had the need for a blazer. That makes no sense but the heart wants what it wants. The fabric is a type of crepe from Joann’s and it’s kind of stiff. All the crepe types I’ve used in the past were softer and had drape. I ordered this fabric online and picked it up at the store and I didn’t look at it until I was home. I thought it would softened in the wash, it didn’t, not sure where I got that idea from. Love how it turned out and I’m definitely going to wear the heck out of it.

I added welt pockets not only because I liked them but also I can pass an opportunity to practice them. This jacket is really perfect to practice some basic tailoring skills. This doesn’t come with a lining so there’s no need to fuss over one, I did add a lining though. Well I did it because I was too lazy to bind the seams. I cut a size 8 and the sleeves were very narrow, I didn’t lined those. This jacket would look great in a linen with pretty bias tape on the seams. Next time I would use a linen and bind the seams, I would also make my sleeves wider.

I just bind the armholes, still looked good.

Overall this is a cute and simple light jacket that looks great with jeans. This will also look great over a sundress. So many possibilities.


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