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Valentine’s Day Satin and Lace Cami & Shorts Set.

I finally got my sewjo back, it’s really hard to sew when you don’t have anywhere to go. Watching sewists on Instagram sharing their Valentine’s Day projects gave me a little inspiration. I made this cute pajama set using a hot pink satin I got long ago, can’t even remember where I bought it. Let me tell you this fabric feels amazing! Funny story I was trying on the shorts and I asked the hubby how I looked, he responded those look like pajamas. Well I usually wear just an old tee and my undies to bed so he was surprised 😆

For the camisole I slightly modified The Ogden Cami by True Bias. I cut a size 6, I substituted the lining with bias tape. I thought that will make them comfortable to sleep on, since I don’t like clothes touching my skin while I try to sleep. The tape was long enough to make the straps all in one piece. Then added bra sliders because that makes it so much easier. I also added this cute lace I got super cheap at my local fabric store. The shorts are self drafted and came together real quick. Every beginner sewist has made a pair of elastic waist pajamas so this are made the same way just short. If you know, you know.

Then the moment of truth, how do I take cute sexy pictures when I’m a dork? If you’re anything like me this might come handy one day, let me share some tips with you:

First find a well lighted corner and clean it up. Those spider webs on the corner aren’t sexy darling. Then start posing!

Second: watch an episode of Wanda Vision and make sure they’re are comfy.

Third: Look out the window and wonder if your across the street neighbors can see your shenanigans. Give zero F**ks.

Last but not least: lay down looking magnificent AF and smile at the camera because one day you’ll love to see how cute and young you were. Then proceed to take a nap. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Whatever that is for you and don’t forget to love yourself! 💕