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Cami & Pant Set Simplicity 9114 by Mimi G Style.

Hello everyone I’m back! I’m usually eager for Fall to arrive but not this year, 2020 owes me a whole Summer..LOL Feels like we skipped a Season or two. I’m going to start transitioning my Summer sewing to Fall slowly, starting with this Cami and Pant set Simplicity 9114. Inspired by Mimi G herself and Brittany J Jones, two of my favorite sewing bloggers in that order. Check These babies out…

Love the high waist pants and the spaghetti straps on the top. I cut a size 10 for the pants and a size 8 for the top. I will make a size 12 for the pants next time, I forgot about my Covid weight and I could use more room. I added one inch to the length of the top, I’m not comfortable showing my belly because of an ugly scar. Looking at the photos I noticed that the pants covered that, so next time I’ll use the pattern as is. For the pants I decreased the length by three inches. I also shortened the front crotch by one inch and added that to the back. These are my usual modifications for any Mimi G pants pattern.

This is not the actual pattern it is just a quick drawing to show my modifications to the crotch.
Check out my cute button…

Let me tell you a little about the insides of the trousers. I finish the pockets with French seams, I love how they look even though only I can see them. I finish the the waistband and the hems by hand. I could have used bias tape but I’m just too lazy for that. I used a Rayon Crepe fabric I had in my stash left over from a jumpsuit I did last year. Back when I was buying too much of the same fabric.

That’s it! Thanks for reading, I’ll be back real soon!

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Wide Leg Cuff Pants – Simplicity 8177

This is my first make and also my first post for 2020. This year I want to focus more on making things that can be used everyday. I’ve probably mention this before but since 2019 left me a few extra pounds this is a must. I’m starting the year with one of my favorite things to sew, wide leg pants. I chose Mimi G Simplicity 8177 view C, this pattern has been on my list since it was released back in 2016.

First lets addressed my laziness: I read the instruction before I started sewing and I just winged it. Then when I was looking at the zipper fly I realized I needed to sew a hook and eye to the upper edge of the underlap and yoke. This is why my zipper pulls away and it makes it looks crooked when wearing. I will definitely add the hooks later. I made the pleats on the front according to how I understood the instructions, that’s not how Mimi G made them I like hers better. I originally wanted wider cuffs so I can wear flats but it just didn’t stayed in place. This I had to fix right away because I couldn’t stand it.

I was going for a monochromatic look and I love it. I think I’m going to make the duster and go for the whole pattern envelope look. I have so much fabric left I think this is the smart thing to do. I had about ten yards of this stretch suiting fabric I bought at the loft in Los Angeles. The reason I had so much was because at $3 a pound I couldn’t leave it behind; it drapes beautifully just perfect for this type of pants.

I wish I had more useful information about pants fitting, my body is not very challenging so all I ever use as reference is this Simplicity Fuss Free Fit magazine. This is a great resource if you have problems deciding what size on a commercial pattern to cut. This magazine was recommended by Deborah Kreiling, a former employee of Simplicity, while attending a Mimi G conference in 2015. You can find it online, I bought mine on Amazon for about $8.

The only advised I can give is this: pick an easy pattern, sew it, do all the modifications then take apart and transfer it to paper. Then use this paper pattern to compare it to others. Measure yourself first, don’t be afraid to add fabric to the front if you have a belly. There are no wrong bodies just wrong clothes. Sometimes you need to cut a bigger size for the back or maybe for the front, this is really not uncommon. Last don’t forget EASE! Took me a while to understand this but trust me once you get it it changes everything. That’s all for now I’ll leave you with a picture of my behind because why not!.

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Wide Leg Pants-Mc Call’s 7661

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I want to share my latest creation, these awesome wide leg pants using McCall’s 7661. I was pleasantly surprised how easy these were to sew. I chose view C, the sash is what makes these pair special, they’re are high waisted, pleated on the front and have darts on the back. Oh and they have pockets!

This avocado green lightweight linen from my stash is perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall sewing. This color is bright but it gives that Fall color feel, You know what I mean? Funny I thing my kitchen walls are exactly the same color. 😄 I paired them with this old RTW top, I love this one so much I’m going to recreate it soon.

Can you tell I love pants?

I cut a size 14 based on the waistband measurement, my waist is 29″, but I ended up sizing down to a 12 only at the waist. I used an invisible zipper just because I like them better than regular ones. I finished the sash edges with a narrow hem, this was the first time using this particular presser foot on my Baby Lock and it was so easy to use. I forgot to shorten the length when I cut my fabric so I had to cut 2” before hemming, for the record I’m 5′ 3/4″..😂

I forgot to take pictures from the back but I hope you get the idea. I will definitely make these again, next time I’ll use lighter fabric like a crepe or a charmeuse. This is a great pattern for advanced beginners, I highly recommend it!

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Simplicity 8655 – Bell Bottoms.

Deciding what to sew always takes forever for me but once I start ideas keep on coming and is hard to concentrate in only one project. Reason why took me over a week to finish these pair of jeans. I really don’t like sewing jeans because they take a lot of time to make. Maybe it’s just me I have the attention spam of a squirrel. Well I was convinced to make Simplicity 8655 after seeing a couple versions on my Instagram feed. They are so cute and they’re giving me 70’s vibes.

I decided to use a dark blue denim with a little stretch that I had in my stash. I was still cutting the fabric when I realized it was the same I had used for a pair similar to these. So I had the brilliant idea to bleach the fabric, I had been wanting to do this for a while but I was afraid because I’m allergic to bleach. I put the pieces already cut in the laundry tub and I start adding one cup of bleach at a time which made the process longer than needed. I suggest watching a You Tube video first so you don’t have to experiment like I did. The color didn’t come as uniform as I imagined but I actually liked it better.

This is a Mimi G Style pattern and in my experience her pants patterns tend to be high waisted. If is this is something you don’t like I highly recommend making a muslin/mock up first. I didn’t make one because I’m too lazy for that and I love high waist pants. I did a few alterations I grade up the waist, shortened the legs and the front crotch. I also did my usual sway back adjustment. It might sound like a lot but when you already know what your body needs it’s much easier than it sounds. I’m planning on making a pants block pattern, soon that will definitely save me time.

They looked a bit basic to me so I decided to do a small appliqué design with some Cambaya fabric from my stash. That also give me the opportunity to use my embroidery machine. It was surprisingly easy, maybe not perfect but so cute. I love how they turned out I will make these again soon. Overall I highly recommend this pattern!

1. I added a tag so I can secure the facing. The tag looks crooked in the inside but looks good on the outside.

2. I folded half the seam allowance on the pockets to make them slightly bigger.

3. I love two rows of stitches for the hem.

4. Just a close up!

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Wide Leg Pants – Burda 6573

Oh boy another pair of wide leg pants! I absolutely love this Burda 6573 pattern. It has been sitting in my “To do” basket for far too long, since I just couldn’t decide on what fabric to use. I was trying to add some color to my wardrobe but the best I could do was pick the black and grey animal print. These pants are high waisted and have inseam pockets. I cut a size 14 but due to the stretch on my fabric I graded it down to a 12. The pattern recommends using a woven, instead I used a lightweight stretch denim. I still had to take them in by the forward side seams and by the front. The latter making the buttons too close to the front, but I liked the fit so that’s okay with me.


Overall this is a very easy pattern and I would probably make it again but in a woven instead. I would recommend adjustments on the back rather than the front. If you are a beginner and don’t feel confident making adjustments on your fashion fabric a muslin is the way to go.  The only reason I did it on the front seam was because I had installed my zipper already and I was too lazy to redo-it.


I paired them with this bodysuit I made a while ago: Simplicity 8513 view C. I used stretch velvet fabric. This is also a very easy pattern with only four main pieces. The back has a seam which is perfect for swayback adjustments. I was planing to make a crop top but I really need to start working on my Halloween costume so that’s on hold. If I start now even the dog will have one!


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Let the Fall Sewing Begin! Simplicity 8093

The September Equinox is expected to arrive tomorrow and I’m so ready! I have one more summer project review, but I couldn’t wait to share these cute wide leg cropped pants I made using Simplicity 8093. Fall is my favorite season and I love to sew pants. I have so many patterns on my “To sew list” and since the season is so short here in the midwest I decided to start early.


This pattern is very easy to sew. I only did two things differently: For the front pleats you’re supposed to fold along solid lines then bring the folds to broken lines and baste across the raw edge. I sewed the folds together just like you would a dart, as I liked how the pleats look this way. Also, for the belt loops the instructions have you attaching them to the waistband. Instead I sewed them directly to the pants and after I attached the waistband I sewed the other side of the loops. This way was easier for me. I used a crepe suiting fabric from my stash, as I knew I wanted to make pants with it and this was perfect because it has a beautiful drape.



I think this pattern might be out of print therefore I’m not going to make a full review. If you are anything like me and have this pattern on your sewing queue you should do it already! You won’t be disappointed. This is a Mimi G pattern so don’t forget there is a video tutorial on You Tube. I didn’t have to watch the video because the instructions were very easy to follow. I think I’m going to make another pair with a brighter color. We’ll see how long my sewing mojo lasts. What’s on your sewing table? Are the Seasons changing in your neck of the woods?